The Film Fund’s New Feature Film Funding Project: Unknown Nightmare

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The Film Fund, a leading platform dedicated to supporting independent filmmakers, is thrilled to announce our latest endeavor: Unknown Nightmare. This ambitious project, spearheaded by Thomas Verdi, the founder of The Film Fund, aims to offer a fresh perspective on the horror genre while engaging audiences worldwide. We’ve been asked for years if we offer feature film funding options, and now one is finally here.

A Project with a Unique Approach

Unknown Nightmare marks a significant leap forward in independent filmmaking. Combining cutting-edge technology, seasoned expertise, and a passion for storytelling, this project aims to provide an innovative approach to horror cinema.

Revolutionizing Film Development

At the heart of Unknown Nightmare lies the revolutionary AI software, ProducerScore. This groundbreaking technology allows filmmakers to submit their original screenplays and pitch packages, along with a minimum $250 investment, for evaluation. Utilizing industry-standard criteria and box office data, ProducerScore analyzes each submission with unprecedented accuracy and projects their potential box office revenue, ensuring that the most promising projects rise to the top. However, it’s important to note that while ProducerScore aids in the initial evaluation process, the final decision about which package gets produced is made by human producers.

Every Filmmaker is Empowered with Equity

The Film Fund is committed to empowering filmmakers at every stage of their journey. Through its unique approach to film financing, The Film Fund provides an inclusive platform where creativity thrives. Even if a pitch package is not selected for production, filmmakers retain equity in the film that will be produced, offering a pathway to success that is both fair and equitable.

Invest in Innovation

With our lead investor secured and a vibrant community of backers, now is the perfect time to invest in innovation. Join us in bringing Unknown Nightmare to life and be a part of the future of independent filmmaking. We will be raising investment via Wefunder, an equity crowdfunding platform used successfully by Sundance-winning filmmakers.

Join the Journey

Are you ready to be a part of something extraordinary? Join us on the journey into the heart of horror cinema. Submit your pitch package to The Film Fund today and become a part of the Unknown Nightmare experience.

About The Film Fund

The Film Fund provides an alternative to traditional film funding avenues, offering filmmakers a chance to win up to $10,000 to fund their short films through simple pitch contests. Our platform is designed to be inclusive, with judgments based solely on the quality of the submitted entries. We have been recognized by the Sundance Institute’s Inclusion Resource Map as a resource for underrepresented communities, underscoring our commitment to diversity and inclusivity in filmmaking.

About Unknown Nightmare

Unknown Nightmare is not just a film; it’s a groundbreaking cinematic experience funded by The Film Fund. With a budget of $250,000, we aim to produce a horror film that pushes the boundaries of the genre. By leveraging the talents of 500 producers who double as investors, we ensure that Unknown Nightmare is a collaborative effort driven by a shared passion for filmmaking. Join us in bringing Unknown Nightmare to life and be a part of the future of independent filmmaking. Learn more and submit your pitch package at Unknown Nightmare’s website.