Argo Launches Short Film NFT Project to Fund Films

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Argo is essentially the Netflix of short films. Argo is a streaming platform that has consolidated the best short films presented by the top film festivals in the world, in addition to documentaries.

These short film festivals are a boon to newcomers in the industry and a way for smaller film venues to get their creativity and art on the screen and in front of audiences. Now, Argo is launching a new NFT (Non-Fungible Token) platform.

It’s not just a short film thing either. Argo’s announcement includes gaming, short films, and art, and a larger support infrastructure for newcomers in the film industry. 

What is the Argo NFT Platform Release All About?

NFTs from the Argo NFT project “Bad Assistant”

According to Arcadiy Golubovich, CEO of Argo, “Argo strives to enhance the independent filmmaking community with more ways to connect with their fans and monetize their work.”  Golubovich believes in the technological prowess and capability of NFTs, and now that platform is being pulled into the short film medium.

The initial release includes the Bad Assistant NFT series. You have to go to the Argo NFT portal to view and purchase the art in this series, which is directly related to the short film of the same name. Of course, it’s not just about purchasing digital artwork. 

Those who decide to buy these NFTs will accrue certain benefits as well, such as unlocked participation in games, Argo coins to spend on a short film-related matter, having a voice and a vote in the filmmaking process, and a share in the revenue. 

Plus, all of the revenue collected through the purchase of Argo’s NFTs goes towards the filmmakers who make the type of short films that you will find on Argo’s streaming service. 

How Does it Benefit the Short Film Industry?

As aforementioned, all funds collected through the purchase of NFTs on the Argo Portal go to the individual filmmakers in order to fund their films. 

Not only that, but Argo is diving headfirst into the crypto ecosphere, which will draw attention from crypto and NFT enthusiasts to the short filmmaking industry. Attention is always a plus because the more you have, the more things you can offer. 

As of right now, there’s very little doubt that Argo will expand on their initial NFT offering, especially if this one is successful. Judging by the buzz that this announcement created, there’s little doubt that the attention will be there and hopefully funding will follow behind it. 

It’s also a mutual benefit between the company and the NFT holders who have purchased their NFT from Argo. As Argo expands, both as a business and a filmmaking entity, the value of the NFTs purchased may also grow, much like investments in successful cryptocurrency. 

Final Thoughts


It’s a boon for the industry to embrace the crypto ecosphere, whether that’s NFTs or crypto. Both are becoming wildly popular, especially in the wake of high inflation and Argo couldn’t have picked a better time to dip their toes in. 

Even better, embracing NFTs opens another source of revenue and attention in the short film industry, which significantly boosts new filmmakers and helps fund their creative enterprises.



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