The Film Fund Releases “Bamboo” Short Film

bamboo short film the film fund harrison kwong

“When a shy, Asian man encounters his charismatic, white-washed doppelgänger, the two struggle with each other’s claim of dominance over their identity; funding is used for camera/lighting equipment.”

Harrison Kwong’s one-sentence pitch

That’s all it took. Just one sentence was sent to The Film Fund. That single sentence managed to secure Harrison Kwong a $400 KitSplit gift card. This gift card enabled him to fund the equipment rental for his short film, “Bamboo.” Today, The Film Fund is pleased to announce that “Bamboo” is finally complete and we, and Harrison, are eager to share it with the rest of the world.

What is The Film Fund?

The Film Fund is a community of film funders and filmmakers.

Throughout the year, The Film Fund runs regular competitions where budding filmmakers can submit a one-sentence proposal. If their short film ideas win the competition from The Film Fund, the filmmaker will receive some sort of funding. In the case of Harrison Kwong, this was $400 for equipment rental at KitSplit.

The Film Fund plays a vital role in the film industry. We allow new filmmakers to complete their short films. Our unique position in the industry means that even a small amount of funding from us can help introduced the film to the global stage, which is just what is happening with Bamboo. We fund prizes up to $10,000.

All About “Bamboo” And Harrison Kwong 

“Bamboo” is a six-minute-long short film by Harrison Kwong. With JC Michael playing the lead (and only) role in the short movie. Several other filmmaking roles have been filled by Harrison’s own team.

Bamboo is an exploration of identity. Honestly, the one-sentence summary that Harrison Kwong submitted cannot do justice to the beautiful storytelling in this short film. Barely a word is spoken, and the viewer is taken on a journey with Michael/Mike. We encourage you to watch the film below.

Harrison used his funding to rent cameras and lighting equipment. This allowed him to bring an idea to fruition. The Film Fund is ecstatic that we played a role in ensuring that a talented filmmaker was able to introduce his ideas to the world.

Looking For Film Funding?

Want film funding just like Harrison Kwong? Just like him, you could be just one sentence away from receiving the cash that you need to finish your indie movie. Your sentence needs to cover the basic premise and what you will be using the funding for. Learn more about our contests and enter here.

The Film Fund runs competitions throughout the year, and we are always looking for talented new filmmakers. We absolutely love helping talented creatives ensure that their ideas end up being seen by the whole world. We make a great stepping stone for people looking to hit the big time, and we are sure many of the creatives that we work with will get there. Will that be you?

Want to see what funding from The Film Fund can offer? Check out Bamboo today.